Visit of French trade unionists in Athens for Labour Day

Visit of French trade unionist in Athens for Labour Day

The common struggle of the peoples against the capitalist system shows the way of internationalist solidarity. The workers will win in Greece, in France and everywhere in the world. This was the hopeful message sent by the Greek workers, in solidarity with the month-long struggle of the workers in France, organised by PAME, with the participation of a large delegation of French trade unionists.

“It is our great pleasure that two days before the celebration of May Day we welcome our colleagues from France,” Yannis Tasioulas, president of the Greek Federation of Builders and member of UITBB Secretariat said. Referring to the struggles of Greece, he commented that “they are promising because they bring the needs of the working class into focus”.¬†As he underlined, the solution to the problems does not lie in the change of the government administrators of the system, whose policies are the same. Rather, “It is in the interest of workers all over the world to strengthen our trade unions, and fight for their own needs. The slogan that only the people can save the people is confirmed in our struggles,” he asserted.