Photos: UITBB’s 11th Asia-Pacific Meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal on 6-7 April 2018

UITBB’s 11th Asia-Pacific Meeting is going to be held in Kathmandu, Nepal on 6-7 April 2018.

Our affiliated organisation in Nepal, NEPA (Nepal Engineering Professionals’ Association), in cooperation with UITBB, hosted the event, which took place one day after the International Seminar on Prosperity with Socio-Economic Transformation in a Changing Political Context, following the win of the Communist Alliance in the Legislative Elections in Nepal last December.

UITBB’s General Secretary, Michalis Papanikolaou, addressed the International Seminar, while the following day he inaugurated the 11th Asia-Pacific Meeting, with participants from many organisations affiliated with UITBB in the region taking part. 

Comrades from many countries addressed the  meeting, while important decisions were made.

Here are some photos from the Meeting: