UITBB supports WFTU’s Campaign to free Palestinian children from Israeli Prisons

UITBB supports WFTU’s Campaign to free Palestinian children from Israel Prisons

Day after day, the occupying Israeli authorities keep violating human rights in Palestine in general and the children rights in particular. As part of the WFTU international campaign to free all Palestinian children in Israeli prison, we urge you to stand firm next to our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are still facing the last racist regime in the world.

As we have done through our 75th years of struggle in our stand next to our Palestinian people, we will not stop despite the general atmosphere that attempts to insert the Israeli entity in the Middle East region. We do not change our ethics in return of any privilege or any financial assistance as others do.

We in WFTU believe that human rights are one regardless of race, sex, religion or country. So how can we accept that children rights are protected in most around the world but not in Palestine despite the fact that the Israeli’s authorities claim that they are the most democratic country in the region?

We call upon you all to make official stands in front of the Red Cross and UNICEF offices in the Arab region and deliver your message of protest on your organization’s behalf and on behalf of WFTU.

Long Live International Solidarity 

Freedom for all Palestinian Children