UITBB statement on World Refugee Day 2022

UITBB statement on World Refugee Day 2022

On the occasion of the International Day for Immigrants and Refugees today, June 20, the Trades Union International of Workers of the Building, Wood and Building Materials Industries (UITBB), demands an end to the exploitation of people by people, especially refugees and immigrants.

This phenomenon is the result of imperialist intervention around the world, which cause among other evils, the horrible refugee crisis we witness every day, with millions of displaced men, women and children, dying on their way away from war-torn zones, crushed as they are amongst the cogs of imperialist antitheses.

The need for world peace is, now more than ever, crystal clear. The exploitation of countries resources must stop. A fair distribution of produced wealth is needed, so that poverty and migration can stop. The working class needs to fight racism, xenophobia and fascism.

UITBB, as a class-oriented, international trade union movement, has always stood, and always will stand on the side of the workers around the world, and defend their right to a better life, especially the rights of migrant and refugee workers.

The international class-oriented trade union movement unites millions of workers around the globe against exploitation, regardless of their origin, nationality, gender, colour or religion.

We call upon all UITBB member organisations to defend refugees’ interests in any way possible, and fight for civil rights, dignified wages, improved working and living conditions, security, and prosperity, to combat all forms of discrimination and racism and to work towards the integration of immigrants into the local societies and social life, including trade unions.

The working class is one, united and it will be victorious!

UITBB Secretariat