UITBB Statement on Labour Day 2024

UITBB Statement on Labour Day 2024

On this International Workers’ Day, the International Union of Trade Unions of Building, Wood, Building Materials and Allied Industries (UITBB), true to its class-oriented struggle, stands in solidarity with the construction workers across the globe. Today, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to championing the rights of our workers, enhancing their living and working conditions, and fighting against the exploitation perpetrated by capitalist agendas.
As we mark another year of struggle, we recognize the significant adversities faced by the peoples. The increasing pressures of global economic shifts, coupled with aggressive neoliberal policies, continue to threaten job security, fair wages, and workers’ rights. The social and economic crisis in the world today, has revealed the stark inequalities within our societies.

UITBB is resolute in its belief that the unity of workers worldwide is the bedrock for combating these injustices. We continue to advocate for fair labour practices, including equitable wages, safe working environments, and the right to organize and strike. Our commitment extends to opposing all forms of discrimination and supporting the fight for equal opportunities for all workers, regardless of gender, nationality, or background, fighting phenomena such as xenophobia, racism and the rise of fascism which is evident around us.
On this day of international solidarity, we call upon our members and allies to renew their commitment in the fight for a just society. Together, we must push for policies that prioritize people over profit, ensuring sustainable development that benefits all and not just a privileged few.
UITBB remains dedicated to the global struggle for workers’ rights. Through unity and collective action and in the fighting spirit of the pioneer workers who hundreds of years ago rose against injustice, we continue to build a future where every worker receives the respect, dignity, and fair treatment they deserve.

Long live International Workers’ Day!

Michalis Papanikolaou

General Secretary