UITBB statement on International Women’s Day 2023

UITBB statement on International Women’s Day 2023

The Trades Union International of Workers in the Building, Wood, Building Materials and Allied Industries UITBB, on this special day, celebrates and salutes International Women’s Day 2023, making once again the promise that within the militant spirit that characterizes it, it will continue fighting on a daily basis to improve the women’s living and working condition.

We would like to extend our militant greetings and respect especially to the mothers, wives, daughters and sisters of the people who are losing their lives in Ukraine, who have lost their lives in the earthquakes of Turkey and Syria, who have lost their lives in Greece following the railroad accident as well all who suffer for such unfair causes. Such disasters and wars show the true face of capitalism which puts profits above building quality or railroad safety and imperialism which causes wars around the world to change borders, control all resources and destroy peoples’ lives.

Under such circumstances, UITBB will keep promoting the issues pertaining to women and especially the women in the construction industry, such as equity, equality, maternity leaves, gender pay gap, sexual harassment at work, towards their full emancipation.

We salute and honour the sacrifices of women everywhere, reaffirm our international solidarity and vow that it will always fight side-by-side with them for a better world where their contemporary needs are fully satisfied.

Michalis Papanikolaou,

UITBB General Secretary