UITBB Statement on World Day Against Child Labour


UITBB Statement on World Day against Child Labor

Today, on the World Day against Child Labor, UITBB reiterates that child labor is a direct consequence of the profit-driven capitalist system that prioritizes economic gains over the well-being of our most vulnerable. The issue of child labor continues to stain our world, as we firmly believe that every child deserves a childhood, free from exploitation and oppression.

The dark reality is that, under capitalism, the pursuit of profit often leads to viewing human lives as dispensable and, even worse, children are ruthlessly exploited as cheap sources of labor. Their innocence and potential are crushed beneath the wheels of an oppressive system, which perpetuates poverty, stops education, and undermines the dignity of our future generations.

Today, we stand united in our fight against child labor. We call upon all our affiliate organisations and all the workers to join us in this struggle. Through our collective strength, we can make a significant impact in breaking the chains that bind our children to a life of labor and deprivation. To protect our children from the clutches of child labor, we demand a radical shift in our economic system.

Capitalism’s relentless pursuit of profit must be challenged and replaced with a fair and just society that values human rights and dignity above all else. We advocate for a system that guarantees universal access to quality education, healthcare, and social support, enabling every child to thrive and develop their full potential.

As an international trade union in the construction industry, we must prioritize the eradication of child labor, empowering workers to collectively demand their rights, and advocate for legislation that protects children.

Let us remember that the struggle for a world free from child labor is inseparable from our fight for social justice. Let us fight for a future where the rights and well-being of children are protected, and where every child can dream and aspire without being weighed down by the chains of capitalist exploitation.

The UITBB Secretariat