UITBB message of solidarity for Saint-Gobain workers in Portugal

UITBB message of solidarity for Saint-Gobain workers in Portugal

It is with great concern that we are monitoring what is going on at the Saint-Gobain factory in Portugal, where the multinational company is trying to close down the automotive glass factory and lay off 130 workers.

UITBB, the Trades Union International of Workers of the Building, Wood and Building Materials Industries, representing millions of workers around the world, sternly condemns the intention of Saint-Gobain and wholeheartedly stands with the workers, supporting their fair struggle in any way possible, as this is a fight for their job positions, their families’ livelihoods and their rights.

UITBB, through the ranks of WFTU, will internationalise this issue using all means in its disposal, trying to make sure that Saint-Gobain’s workers in other countries go into action, expressing their opposition to such acts, and express their solidarity with their Portuguese colleagues.

Do not forget, dear colleagues, that the common class-based interests unite us, and we need to fight together to face our common problems, until the final victory of your just struggle.

Please accept once more our solidarity, our support on behalf of all the workers UITBB represents around the world, and know that you will never be alone.

Long Live the Workers’ Struggle!

Long Live International Solidarity!

Michalis Papanikolaou

General Secretary