UITBB protest for John Lomax. UPD: Charges dropped


UITBB organised a support protest outside the Australian High Commission in Cyprus on Tuesday, 29-09-2015 for John Lomax.

UTIBB condemns the criminal charges for blackmail brought against CFMEU organizer John Lomax for doing nothing more than advocating higher wages for Union members.

We are certain that the CFMEU and its rank and file will stand up in defense of their comrade, and that collective action to defeat this unacceptable attack on trade union rights will further strengthen the militant spirit of the CFMEU in its daily struggle to defend the interests of the workers in Australia.

We call upon the Australian federal government to stop implementing such unacceptable policies against the workers and their representatives as well as to safeguard the right of the workers to organize and the right of their representatives to intervene, when necessary, in order to stop violations on behalf of the employers and defend the rights of the workers.