UITBB congratulates SUNCA on its 63rd Anniversary

UITBB congratulates SUNCA on its 63rd Anniversary

It is a personal honour to congratulate SUNCA Uruguay, on the occasion of its 63rd anniversary, on behalf of both UITBB and the Cyprus Building, Wood, Mine and General Workers Trade Union PEO. Under the slogan “Organizing the struggle to conquer dreams”, SUNCA is continuing on the same, militant path as it has for so many years, always in defend of the workers of Uruguay, Latin America and indeed the world.

Union unity, class struggle and organisation has always been the pillars of SUNCA’s historical strength, since its foundation on May 11, 1958. Since then, it has contributed greatly to the defence of democracy and the construction of a new society, with social justice and equal rights for all. With its militant spirit and sense of international solidarity, SUNCA has won many struggles for the common people, the working class and the peoples of the world.

We are proud to have SUNCA in our UITBB ranks, and comrade Daniel as our President. We share many common goals, we fight many common struggles, and we have the same vision for the future.

Long live SUNCA!

Michalis Papanikolaou

UITBB General Secretary