UITBB activities around the world on Labour Day

UITBB members around the world organised massive rallies for Labour Day. Please see the attached photos.


Pirzada Imtiaz Syed, General Secretary of All Pakistan Federation of United Trade Unions – Pakistan (UITBB Affiliated Union) 


“Valuing Work and Workers,” was the motto of the May Day celebrations in Portugal in 2017. The Workers affirmed that Fight is the way and once again reaffirmed their commitment to FEVICCOM and CGTP-IN to do everything they can to make a left-wing policy in our country that serves the interests of the Workers and the People.



Both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots came together and celebrated May Day in a spirit of workers’ solidarity. 

Michalis Papanikolaou, General Secretary of UITBB, marching


“With the workers around the world, for a world without exploitation, wars and refugees!” Under this slogan, the workers in the building sector participated in massive numbers in the demonstrations for May Day