The WFTU extends its condolences to the people of Turkey

The World Federation of Trade Unions extends its condolences to the working class and the people of Turkey in the eve of the tragic events in the International Airport of Istanbul that took place on June 28th, 2016. The WFTU denounces such acts and the culprits of such acts.

The militarization, the arm race, the warmongering and imperialist wars promoted by NATO, USA, the European Union and the reactionary Governments such as the Government of Turkey are only fostering the phenomenon of terrorism. The forces responsible for the growing aggressiveness of imperialism, the strategy of interference, destabilization and war in many countries cannot fight terrorism. Instead benefit from it to maintain and increase the manipulation and authoritarian control over the people. Under the false pretext of “fighting terrorism”, the imperialist forces and the Governments increase the international offensive against democratic rights, intensify the militarization of social life and increase the criminalization of workers and peoples’ struggles.

The anti-imperialist and anti-monopolist struggle of the working people and the popular strata, which is internationalist and fraternal in its core, can be the only one in each country and region to bring the end of exploitation and imperialist wars, stability, prosperity and peace for all.