Stop exploitation of Building Workers on World Cup Sites in Qatar




Date: 29.4.2015

Federation International de Football Association

FIFA – Strasse 20

P.O.BOX 8044 Zurich, Switzerland

Dear sir,


You are all aware that huge construction works are going on in Qatar for the preparation of Soccer World Cup of 2022.

At the building sites for the Soccer Cup tens of thousands of immigrant workers are victims of savage practices of violations of basic human rights, are kept like prisoners, without pay, lacking decent sanitation and housing conditions, having to work like slaves for 10-12 hours under high temperatures up to 50 degrees.

We, on behalf of our organization, demand that you stop this unacceptable situation and pressure the government of Qatar to urgently put an end to the exploitation of workers by constructors that the government has engaged.

Yours faithfully,

Michalis Papanikolaou

General Secretary,

Cyprus Building, Wood, Mines and General Workers Trade Union PEO,

31-35, Archermou Str,. Nicosia,

Tel: 00357-22866411

FAX: 00357-22730342

email: [email protected]