Resolution for Migrant Workers in the Construction Sector

UITBB’s 10th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting of the organisations in the construction sector, has decided the continuation of its work regarding the very important issue of migrant workers, who are being exploited by the employers.

In order to achieve that, UITBB’s 10th Regional Meeting, continuing in the spirit of its previous decisions in all its previous, regional meetings, underlines the following:

– All workers are one, independently of colour, religion, language or country of origin.

– Workers’ migrancy, either within a country or from one country to another, is not materialised by the workers’ choice, but because they are facing poverty, unemployment, very harsh living conditions and many times because of the imperialist interventions.

– UITBB, from the very beginning of this phenomenon, underlines its clear, class-based position against xenophobia and racism, as well as the will to fight alongside its member- organisations, for the rights of migrant workers, so that the employers’ exploitation can stop, and the workers in the construction sector are organized in the Trade Union movement so that they can be further protected.

– Moreover, we support the creation of special educational programs for the smooth integration of migrant workers in the labour market of the host country so that they can learn the language, be informed about their rights etc.

– Finally, the 10th Regional Meeting stresses the need for a close cooperation of Trade Unions in the countries of origin and the host countries, so that the efforts to inform and protect migrant workers from exploitation, can be better coordinated.