Report on Women – SYNTRAGAVO-Togo


In Togo, International Women’s Day, 8. March 2016, was celebrated in collaboration with the women’s organization of the central trade union SYNTRAGAVO – CNTT at the headquarters of the labor exchange.


The Secretary General of the CNTT participated in the event and congratulated the women of the building sector for their dedicated work and urged them:

-to better understand the issues affecting women workers in the construction industry, -to be able to define the national policies of women in the construction trade unions, -to find ways for women to overcome obstacles and develop strategies in the creation and operation of grass root committees of the building sector, -to discover ways that promote the full participation of women workers in trade union activities in the construction industry, -to make women aware of their leadership qualities and assess which qualities need to be developed to reach responsibility posts in the unions affiliated to the UITBB in TOGO.


The difference between equality and parity allows recognizing that the role of women and men are interchangeable with the exception of maternity. This difference highlights the social imbalances and it belongs to the company that is looking for a lasting peace and a fair and equal development to use the concept of “gender” to achieve its goal. Promoting the difference between equality and parity is to move towards a more just society where the place of each person is socially recognized and power better distributed. Obviously putting women aside is to deprive society of the contribution of these living forces; therefore, this difference concerns all actors in the unions to work together for real change in society.

Making it possible for women to assume multiple responsibilities is of paramount importance. It is necessary that women themselves are convinced of their ability to assert themselves in society. Active solidarity between women and men, a common will can bring about profound changes to women’s work in construction.


Comrade BOMDA-BAGNA Makawabé Francisca, Member of the UITBB Executive Committee, Member of the Executive Board of CNTT, President of the Women’s Committee of SYNTRAGAVO, CNTT-TOGO.