UITBB’s 16th Conference convenes amidst an extremely difficult time for the workers of the world as global capitalist crisis is rampant.
UITBB, in its 66 years of history and action, struggles within these very difficult circumstances to defend the workers in the sectors it represents, guiding them based on the principle that nothing is given but everything is earned through hard and organised workers’ struggles.

We face the conservative powers that represent the interests of the capital and push workers into poverty on a daily basis.

Our answer to this inhumane behaviour can be nothing else except guiding the workers towards an intensification of the struggles in unity, regardless of colour, language and religion.

During these struggles, we should never forget our main goal which is a just society, where the workers can reap the benefits of the position they truly deserve.
It is with these thoughts that we move towards our 16th Conference. In a spirit of class-based unity we should apply the decisions to be made following a fruitful discussion, in order to move forward with the firm belief that we can achieve our goals.

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