PEO holds its 27th Congress in Cyprus

Main highlights of speech by Pambis Kyritsis, General Secretary of PEO at the 27th Pancyprian Congress of PEO, 16-18 NOVEMBER 2017

– Our ambition is to serve the workers, defend and protect their rights

– The 27th Congress of PEO is historical, not just for PEO but for Cyprus as well, because PEO’s history is intertwined with the history of our island, especially in its economic and social aspects

From the rich and productive dialogue in the Congress, the following issues were raised:

– We need to continue going on the counterattack to get back what we conceded during the crisis.

– We must struggle hard against the deregulation of labour.

– We must pay even more attention to the collective force of the workers.

– We must make sure that the Wage Indexation will be given on January 1st 2018 and fight so that in the next 3 years, the institution will be fully restored.

– Social State

– Protection of the Social Insurance Fund

Retirement at 65, not a day after that

Further strengthening of PEO

– Fight to elect Stavros Malas to power, so that we can have a government that supports the demands of the workers

We are ready for new struggles:­­­­  We move forward, we hold our heads high and we go on. We draw tremendous strength from our historic roots. We have completed our Congress and we are feeling decisive, optimistic, with clear lines and positions. Let us convey our message to all workplaces, to all businesses with one ambition: To serve the workers and defend their rights. In this battle, despite their difficulties, we will be successful because we have the strength and the decisiveness.

Pambis Kyritsis, General Secretary of PEO, addressing the Congress

Pambis Kyritsis, General Secretary of PEO, addressing the Congress