PAME symbolically occupies Ministry of Labour in Greece

On 15/10 and 16/10 2015, workers form dozens of trade unions of the private and public sector, which are rallied in the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME), carried out a symbolic occupation of the Ministry of Labour in the morning.

Dozens of PAME’s activists occupied the Ministry and hung a giant banner on its façade which had written on it: “We will not become the slaves of the 21stcentury. No to the destruction of Social Security, to mass dismissals, to repossessions, to poverty and unemployment,” issuing an appeal for participation in the demonstrations of PAME on the 22nd of October, as well as for the strike on the 12th of November.
PAME noted in its statement that the government’s measures “smash what is left of the social character of insurance, at the same time it hands over money to and frees the business groups from their debts, it is attempting to destroy social security and transform it into an individual matter for each worker.
They want us to work until extreme old age, without pensions, without protection in the workplaces, without access to healthcare and welfare. They are pushing the workers into the claws of the predators that treat insurance as an opportunity to make profits, into the clutches of the insurance companies and the health businesses.”
The destruction of Social Security must not succeed!
The new offensive against the rights won with many years of struggle and blood must not succeed.”
Christos Katsotis, member of the CC and MP of the KKE, attended PAME’s rally.
The occupation continued on Friday the 16th and PAME will hold a demonstration in the centre of Athens in the evening of the same day.