Eftychios Papamichael’s (Cyprus) speech at UITBB Executive Committee Meeting

Main points of Eftychios Papamichael (PEO) speech at UITBB Executive Committee Meeting

  • Conditions in the world have not improved, and Cyprus is the same
  • There is an unfair distribution of created wealth, there is hunger and poverty in the working class
  • The Cyprus government promotes the neoliberal policies of the EU by attacking the Social Welfare State, namely in Education, Health and Social Security
  • We need the creation of jobs with public works, and we also need the Collective Bargaining rights to be implemented
  • We have resisted the capital attacks and now we are stronger, but due to the international crisis many Cypriot workers have had to emigrate, and now companies hire many foreign workers (50% of our members are immigrants)
  • We fight on an international level because the problems we face are common, and we need to be more supportive of each other
  • We must improve the organization of the struggles, but despite the difficulties we’ll win together
  • We want a future without humans being exploited by humans