Letter of solidarity to Catalunya’s Intersindical-CSC

UITBB sent the following solidarity message to the Catalonia’s Intersindical-CSC. The big employers’ association “Fomento del Trabajo” is taking legal action against the trade union for their strike on November 8th2017, trying to abolish the right to strike: 

We, as Trades Union International of Workers of the Building, Wood and Building Materials Industries (UITBB), fully support your struggle and the right to strike, which has been earned with the blood of our comrades throughout history.

We condemn the big employers’ association “Fomento del Trabajo”’s legal actions against your Union and we are certain that you will emerge victorious in this legal battle, for your strike on November 8th.

Rest assured, comrades, that workers around the world stand with you. You will be victorious!

Long live International Solidarity!