Interview of Pedro Milheiro (Member of UITBB Secretariat)

Pedro Milheiro Portugal – FEVICCOM


On the situation of the workers in your country

The situation is very fragile because the construction sector was the main sector which was affected by the economic crisis and all the public and private investments in the sector have stopped. However, we have a new government so we will see whether there are any money for public investments. We have a proposal – urban construction – which is the repairing old buildings and we hope this can be a solution.


On the main challenges your union is facing today

The creation of jobs with all the rights that come with it. Also, finding solutions so that we can return to a path of sustainable growth and so that the families of the workers can live normally again in Portugal


On the role of UITBB in the future

The role of UITBB is important to us. We do not have a local perspective of the problems the workers in the construction sector are facing now but an international one. This crisis does not just affect the southern part of Europe but the whole world. The international role of the UITBB can help in convincing governments to invest public funds into the construction sector, which is something that can make us stronger in our international trade union movement around the world, in Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa.