International campaign – “10 million syringes for Cuba”

International campaign – “10 million syringes for Cuba”

UITBB with FLEMACON and FETRACOM, organised a Zoom meeting in support of the Cuban people. Many organisations, especially from Latin America, participated and expressed their solidarity with the Cuban people and government, condemning the embargoes imposed by the USA.

An international campaign under the title “10 million syringes for Cuba” has been launched, and we ask everyone to contribute to this cause, to buy syringes for administering to the population of Cuba the Cuban anti-Covid vaccines that Cuba was able to develop despite of the criminal US embargo.

Anyone who wishes to donate can do so here:

Banco do Brasil, Ag. 4470-8, Cc-13844-4, PIX-CNPJ, 34.131.511/0001-64

Câmara Empresarial Brasil – Cuba