FEVICCOM holds National Plenary Meeting of Activists

On May 25, FEVICCOM held in Marinha Grande a National Meeting of Activists, with more than 70 participants from various sectors.

The plenary discussion focused mainly on issues of organization, how to affiliate new members and trade union action in local sites, methods of trade union work and how to strengthen trade unions and their action with the human and material resources we have.

The main conclusions were the application of a 2-day minimum being devoted to affiliate new members and 2 days for meetings for all organization’s activists who have 4 days for trade union activity.

Moreover, it was decided to devise and monitor an effective planning of trade union work, to continue the ongoing trade union training plan, to strengthen the struggles in workplaces for small or big claims, and to challenge each activist to affiliate at least one new member per month until the end of the year, among other conclusions of high relevance.

Pedro MP Milheiro