Demonstration by PAME in Greece – 7 April

Throughout the country, young and old workers, pensioners, self-employed, unemployed, women and youth alike, rallied responding to a call by PAME and organised a demonstration on the 7th of April.

Under the slogan «Down with the measures by the EU and the Government – We demand you meet our contemporary needs», Unions, Federations, Labour Centres and other institutions demonstrated against the anti-labour agreements between the Government and the Quartet as well as against the new, barbaric measures which are being devised against the workers. PAME calls upon the working class to organise and resist the attempted forcing of the workers to accept new sacrifices which will make them live on breadcrumbs and without rights, so that the profits of the big monopolies can increase.

Moreover, at the rally, a PAME announcement against the prohibition of a gathering by the Turkish Communist Party was read:

“We denounce the prohibition of the gathering by the Turkish Communist Party by the Erdogan administration. We should not allow a ban of political and trade union action. We have every interest in defending our Turkish comrades who are fighting for the rights of the workers against the imperialist wars, against chauvinism and nationalism which are cultivated in the country. The trade unions in Turkey must take a stance and denounce this attack by the Erdogan administration”.