3rd October 2017: WFTU International Action Day For Refugees and Immigrants

The WFTU Secretariat, during its first meeting day held on 19 July 2017, unanimously decided to organize the International Action Day for the refugees and Immigrants on October 3rd, 2017.

The WFTU secretariat calls the trade unions in all countries to organize activities, strikes, demonstrations, rallies to express the firm, internationalist solidarity of the international class oriented trade union movement with the millions of immigrants, refugees and displaced persons who are forced to abandon their countries, their homes because of the capital’s imperialist wars and conflicts.

The World Federation of Trade Unions with its anti-imperialist and internationalist position and action denounces the murderous and hypocritical policy of the European Union and its Governments and struggles for the elimination of the aggressiveness against the people of North Africa and the Middle East, for the dissolution of NATO and for the utilisation of the natural resources by the people for their own interests and for the popular development that will bring the reconstruction and the prosperity of the people.

• The abolishment of the Dublin and the Schengen Treaty, the Frontex and all repressive mechanisms.
• Stopping the measures of the European Union for repression at the borders.
• End now the imperialist interventions of EU-USA-NATO.
• Direct transfer of the refugees from the islands and the entry points to the countries of their final destination.
• Increase of the personnel and the infrastructure for the rescue, record-identification, housing, feeding, medical care and safe transfer of the people. Decent housing for all refugees, education for their children under state responsibility.
• Creation of dignified centres of welcoming and hospitality

The international class oriented trade union movement on the occasion of 72th Anniversary of WFTU, denounces the imperialistic aggressiveness and struggles for the smooth integration of our class brothers and sisters, the refugees and immigrants, in the local societies and the class oriented struggles.