2nd State level conference of PBCA – Kerala, India

The construction industry of the nation has always got an extended outreach to the fundamental upliftment of the society.

The hike in the cost of construction materials, the lack of skilled labourers, the insecurity facd by the ones who fight challenges and the least offered support and security from the government are some among the serious issues that have to be tackled. It was under this circumstances the private building contractors of Kerala organised the association PBCA. PBCA was instituted on 26th march 2011 and is still on it pace to accomplish the mission.

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The association which is currently in its active phase in all the districts of Kerala has now decided to extend its activities throughout the country. And now its high time to make way for this venture. The PBCA is now on a strike phase bring upon the attention of the officials to the issues that follows:

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1. Provision to be made for providing licence to the experienced private building contractors
2. The hike in the cost of construction materials needs to be controlled.
The sale of necessary materials to be made available through approved outlets
3. A quality testing facility of the building materials to be ensured district wise.
4. To fix minimum wages for other state employees and also to ensure social safety factors to the same.
5. To provide allowances and pension to the private building contractors.
6. To provide loan facility to the PBCA members through a transparent channel.

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Above all these, Kasturirangan reports also adds trouble to the situation. It was during this period the 2nd State level conference of PBCA took place on 7th, 8th, and 9th of February 2016 in the district of Kannur. The occasion where more than 400 representatives were present was inaugurated by Mr. R. Shingaravelu,C.W.F.I All India President, in the presence of our respected politicians.

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A procession with more than 3000 was also organised. The closing ceremony was also blessed with the presence of Mr.Shingaravelu and the politicians.

C. K. Velayudhan
General secretary