2nd Asia Pacific Seminar of Building Unions Resolution 2004

The Final Resolution from the 2nd Asia Pacific Seminar of Building Unions held in Haldia, West Bengal, India


16th – 17th August 2004


This meeting of building unions of the Asia Pacific indicates that in view of the importance of our region for the future development of the labour movement globally we resolve to build our momentum.  Concretely we resolve to take the following steps


  1. In order to develop our activities an interim co-ordinating committee should be formed in Asia-Pacific


  • India to take responsibility of ‘SAARC’ Countries.


  • Australia to take up co-ordinating activities of South-Pacific countries.


  • Japan to take responsibility of co-ordinating some adjacent countries in North-East Asia.


  • Vietnam to take up work of co-ordinating activities of some adjacent countries.


  1. An attempt should be made to bring out an information bulletin covering the entire Asia-Pacific regional problems of construction industry and workers and activities of trade unions.


  1. A booklet on the problems of construction workers of Asia-Pacific countries to be published covering main aspects like –


Organised sector                            Attack of liberal policies

Unorganised sector               Attack of liberal policies

Occupational Health

& Safety                               Present status list of OHS problems

Migrant labour                      Problems and solutions


In the first instance a booklet will be prepared containing materials presented at this seminar.


  1. The next meeting will take place in 2005 in a location and time to be determined before the end of 2004.


  1. We urge bilateral relations among the unions in the region be further developed.


John Sutton