2019 World Refugee Day – Solidarity Message by MLGWU – Ghana

2019 World Refugee Day – Solidarity Message (MLGWU – Ghana)

MLGWU is an international trade union for Migrant Workers and Refugees in Ghana, ensuring Decent Work, Social Justice, Protection and Occupational Safety and Health for them.

MLGWU-FFMRC shall continue to strive to provide education on labour migration and regional integration employment relations (immigrants-refugee-internally displaced persons-approved quality information services whilst ensuring that it positively contributes to the migrant workers-refugees-internally displaced persons’ development of the economy of the African continent and provides job security and assistance to migrant workers, refugees, internally displaced persons or poor workers and members of their families within the Union scope of labour migration and peaceful living.

I urge you refugees or/and immigrant workers be organised and to seek organising positions in the Union for many opportunities and to enable to you use your leadership help to yourselves and others. Globally all migrant workers and refugees are organising into trade unionism for job security etc.

MLGWU played a significant role during Sudanese Refugees’ one month and ten days (27.11.2018 to 10.01.2019) Sit-In and helping with temporary places of abode at the UNHCR premises in Accra. MLGWU-FFMRC visited them, wrote letters and had oral communication to/with the Ministry of Interior of Ghana and contributed in part to their peaceful return to camp after several affectionate discussions with the said aggrieved refugees in trying to find social solutions to their problems.

Since its formation in 2013 , MLGWU-FFMRC stands firmly by the side of the migrant workers, refugees and internally displaced persons, and on the occasion of 2019 World Refugee Day expresses once more its solidarity to all Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons in Ghana and across borders.

Justice Baako Ntarmah

MLGWU – Ghana