1st of May – Portugal

Commemorations of the international workers day, May 1st in Portugal
The 1st of May is a date of affirmation of values, strength and solidarity of unity of workers. It is a date that was born with the struggle of workers against exploitation, for labor and social rights, for dignity and social justice.

On the 1st of May, we affirm the values of ours 1974 April Revolution – we salute the struggles of yesterday, we celebrate the ones of today and those that will come.

Today, we live in a complex moment in which the priority is to safeguard everyone’s lives and health. The National Health Service is under great pressure – the dedication and commitment of health professionals has been remarkable – but also important are the workers who ensure the functioning of other public and social services, as well as those who produce essential goods and services.

Without workers nothing works!
And at a time when many workers and their families are experiencing difficulties – and their rights are being attacked – from employment to wages – CGTP-IN and FEVICCOM say that workers are not alone.
We made, once again, this 1st of May a day of struggle!