16th UITBB Conference Resolution on Colombia


16th Conference of the UITBB, 15 – 17 April 2015, Montevideo, Uruguay

Resolution of the 16th Conference of the UITBB on Colombia


The 16th Conference of the UITBB gathered 15 to April 17, 2015 in Montevideo, Uruguay,
– Considering the disastrous consequences of neoliberal policies in Colombia,
– Noting with concern how multinational companies do not respect the rights of workers, especially those who work for the UK corporation Hp Billintong extracting ferronickel in the Cerro Matoso. Workers have been forced to carry out a general strike because of the decision of the employer to increase daily working hours up to 12 hours a day;
– Informed about the persecution of workers at the Colombian oil company Ecopetrol and the dismissal of comrade Vice President of the trade union organisation USO.
– Noting that the construction workers are denied the right to health at work, and subjected to informal employment, low wages and exploitation,

Resolves therefore to support comrades, who are in struggling and calls on the government of Juan Manuel Santos to intervene in the search for a negotiated solution to the facts presented and to prioritize the protection of workers’ rights.