Congratulatory message from UITBB for FLEMACON’s 53rd anniversary

Congratulatory Message by UITBB on FLEMACON’s 53-year anniversary

On behalf of UITBB, it is with great pleasure that I am congratulating FLEMACON for its 53-year anniversary, which also coincides with Construction Workers’ Day in Latin America.

Since its foundation, FLEMACON has been on the forefront of militant struggles for the workers in the construction industry in Latin America, also expressing international solidarity with workers in around the world.

For 53 years, FLEMACON has been fighting for improved living and working conditions of workers and their families.

The difficulties the workers are facing, 53 years after the foundation of FLEMACON, are the same, as the capitalist system has not changed; in fact, it has gotten worse. It is our duty then, to fight back, based on our class-oriented ideology for the poorer strata and the working class.

We need to keep alive the same spirit with the pioneers, 53 years ago, for change and social justice and continue our predecessors’ struggles.

We are proud to have FLEMACON in our ranks, as we convey our warmest congratulations and wishes for a better future for all.

Congratulations to FLEMACON and its President, Lucia Costa Maia, for continuing on our shared path and fighting our common struggles, for a better future and a just society.