Final Resolution of 3rd Asia/Pacific Regional Seminar 2005

16 March 2005

This meeting of construction and related trade unions in the Asia/Pacific region conducted on 16 March 2005 in Hanoi, Vietnam, resolves as follows:

  1. That we resolve to continue the momentum that began in our first meeting in Sydney in November 2002 and arrange future meetings of fraternal construction unions from the Asia/Pacific region.
  1. That we resolve to undertake thorough preparation for our next meeting aiming to conduct such a meeting within the next 12-18 months.
  1. That we seek ILO funding for the preparation and conduct of our next meeting.
  1. That we continue our focus on key issues to construction workers such as: the impact of globalisation on construction employment; the migrant labour question; occupational health and safety; precarious employment methods; and technological change in the construction sector.
  1. That we seek to maintain regular communication amongst the trade unions that have participated in the Sydney, Calcutta and Hanoi meetings. We resolve to build this network by exchanging regular information via E-mail and Fax.  The Secretariat Office in Helsinki (Finland) will act as a clearing-house for the distribution of such information.
  1. That we publish the various contributions from this Hanoi meeting and distribute this material in booklet form as soon as possible.
  1. That the UITBB prepare a special edition of our bulletin concerning issues discussed at this Asia/Pacific Regional Meeting.