CTB Newsletter (September 2016)

You can read the latest Newsletter from CTB (September 2016) here: CTB Newsletter English september 2016

FEVICCOM participates in protest meeting for construction company Soares da Costa

On August 4, 2016, FEVICCOM participated in Lisbon in a protest meeting of construction workers employed by the building company Soares da Costa. The...

WFTU Report 2011-2016

WFTU's report for 2011-2016 has been published. You can download it using the following link: WFTU Report 2011-2016

VIDEO – WFTU Report in Numbers 2011-2016

A video that shows the upward course of WFTU during the last 5 years:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ODeealC-pc#action=share

UITBB participates at the 105th ILO Conference in Geneva

UITBB Statement on WFTU meeting in the 105 ILO Conference Dear Comrades, The next WFTU Congress will be very important because it is organised in a...

Decisions of UITBB’s 16th Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay

Decisions of UITBB’s 16th Conference in Montevideo, Uruguay 15-17 APRIL 2015 UITBB’s 16th Conference which was held in Montevideo from 15-17 April 2015 approved the action...

New FLEMACON Journal

Here you can find the newest FLEMACON journal: Jornal flemacon 16

Decisions of the IV UITBB European Meeting in Copenhagen

DECISIONS OF THE IV UITBB EUROPEAN MEETING IN COPENHAGEN The UITBB meeting held in Copenhagen, in cooperation with the Construction Workers Association of Denmark, having...